Understanding The Counseling Process

Understanding The Counseling Process

Divorcing? How Family Therapy Can Help

Timmothy Washington

A divorce doesn't just affect you and your ex; the divorce affects your whole family as well. Think about it — when you get a divorce, one parent typically moves out or both parents vacate the family home, leaving children feeling lost as they learn to live with one of their parents, and possibly in a new area at the same time.

Divorce is a huge transition for anyone to take on, and it's something no one is quite prepared for. Counseling can help. Not just for you, but for your children and even ex spouse as well, if you are close enough to your former spouse to include them. Here are ways family counseling can help you throughout your divorce and beyond.

You feel heard

One of the hardest things about divorce is having to go through the trauma and heartbreak of this type of breakup and having no one to talk to. Your friends have their own lives and your children shouldn't be subjected to your feelings as they try to understand what is going on themselves. Your job is to be strong, but to be strong for your family, you need to get a grip on the divorce.

You can use counseling to learn how to communicate your feelings in healthy ways, not just with your ex spouse, but with your kids. This way, the divorce can be healthier on everyone and lead to less breakdowns and mental stress.

Your kids have a safe place to talk

Children often feel caught in the middle of divorce, feeling like they have to take sides and only choose one parent over another. Or, children want to love both parents equally but feel guilty. Sometimes kids feel lonely or scared, especially if one of their parents moved out or they aren't sure who they should live with.

The last people your kids want to talk to about your divorce is you and their other parent, since children don't want to make you feel bad for your decision or they may be mad at you for your choice. Give your kids space and the chance to be heard via counseling. A counselor gives your child a safe and inviting place where they can get their feelings out and you get the opportunity to learn how your kids are handling this difficult time in your lives. Counseling is healthy for everyone when you are going through divorce.

Get in touch with a center like The A Treatment Center for more information.


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