Understanding The Counseling Process

Understanding The Counseling Process

Events in Your Adult Life That Warrant a Few Counseling Visits

Timmothy Washington

Counseling is sometimes seen as a service for people who are struggling with overt mental health disorders, or for children who are struggling to get along with others. Indeed, counseling works well in these circumstances, but these are not the only circumstances under which someone should seek counseling. Here are some events in your adult life that should prompt you to see a counselor for a preventative-type visit to keep your mental health up to par.

1. Death of a loved one.

Death is something you might think you've come to terms with, but then you lose someone you love and you realize you are not as good at handling death as you thought. That's okay and normal. What you do need, however, is someone to help you process the emotions that you're feeling after losing a loved one. With the guidance of a good counselor, you can feel your grief but move through it rather than letting it overwhelm your life. People who do not seek counseling after the death of someone close to them have a harder time moving on, especially if that person you did not expect to lose so soon, such as a child.

2. Loss of a job.

Sure, there are other jobs out there and job loss can be the kick in the pants you need to start down a different career path. But as much as you might mentally know this, you are still apt to be dismayed after losing a job. You may face feelings of self-doubt as you wonder if you're worth employing. You may worry about finances, and that might put a strain on your relationships. A counselor can help you sort through all of this and stay mentally healthy so you can look for a new job confidently.

3. Divorce or a breakup.

Divorce can be seen as a new beginning. So can a breakup with a long-time partner. However, to look at divorce as a positive experience, you need to move past a lot of regret, sadness, and worry. Sometimes you may even need to recover from or come to terms with some abuse you've suffered. A counselor can help you move past this so that you can truly move on with your life, in an emotional sense, after a divorce. Start seeing them as early in the process as possible.

Counseling can be very beneficial for adults facing any type of hardship, but especially the hardships above. Get in touch with an adult counseling center near you and make an appointment.


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Understanding The Counseling Process

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