Understanding The Counseling Process

Understanding The Counseling Process

How Drug Intervention Can Be Lifesaving

Timmothy Washington

It's alarming that in a 12-month period ending in 2021, over 100,000 people died from drug overdoses. Drug overdoses continue in large numbers despite federal and state intervention, education in schools about the dangers of drugs, and a transparent approach to just how addictive and dangerous prescription and illicit drug abuse is. The drugs that typically lead to a deadly overdose include cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Opioids in general pose a major addiction and overdose problem in the United States due to being medically prescribed drugs and having addictive qualities.

Drug intervention is lifesaving and necessary, but many drug addicts and their families have no idea that the problem is as bad as it is or even what to do about addiction in their lives. Without drug intervention, any person abusing drugs is at risk of an overdose and potential death, so drug intervention can be lifesaving. Here are others, and if you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or worried about current drug use or behaviors, contact an addiction counselor or specialist right away.

The addiction is recognized

When a drug addiction is taken into serious consideration via a drug intervention, the addiction is finally formally recognized. Many addicts and their loved ones refuse to acknowledge drug addiction beyond behaviors that are negative, such as stealing money, acting agitated, being irresponsible, or acting in a way that disturbs others. Once drug intervention is done by an unbiased, professional specialist, the elephant in the room has been acknowledged and the drug use has to be spoken about, dealt with, and overcome.

The addiction is treated

The reason why so many drug addicts return to their drug of choice over and over again is that addiction is terribly difficult to overcome. Many drugs, like heroin, have very serious withdrawal symptoms that are painful both mentally and physically and can even be dangerous or fatal if someone were to quit using drugs cold turkey.

Drug intervention involves both psychological and physical interventions so the patient can learn how to overcome addiction in a healthy way. This is done via counseling, prescription medication to aid in withdrawals, group therapy, and other care. A drug intervention can be the best way a person can overcome their addiction and survive. This type of therapy can be done as both inpatient and outpatient care.

For more information on drug interventions, contact a drug intervention treatment service in your area. 


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