Understanding The Counseling Process

Understanding The Counseling Process

  • Dos & Don'ts of Seeking Help for Your Addictions Through Online Forums

    When you're finally able to admit that you have a problem with alcohol, you'll hopefully be at a point that you realize you need help. While going to a treatment facility should be on your radar, this can be a big step — especially if you've never sought help in the past. You might start by joining an online forum dedicated to helping people quit drinking. While this isn't a true alternative to a properly structured treatment program, it may be a key step in getting you into treatment.

  • How to Get More Out of Your Therapy Sessions

    Therapy can be incredibly useful for helping you handle the mental and emotional challenges you come across in life. However, therapy is very much a case in which you get out what you put in. In order to ensure your therapy sessions are as effective and productive as possible, follow these tips. 1. Find a therapist who you get along with. Before you decide on a therapist to work with, meet with a few for a preliminary session.

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder In Children: What You Should Know

    As a parent, you never want to think about your child struggling with any kind of health problem, including mental health problems. However, just like adults, children can struggle with mental health issues. One such mental health disorder that can affect children is dissociative identity disorder, commonly referred to as DID and formerly known as multiple personality disorder. If you have noticed strange behaviors and memory lapses in your child, you may find yourself wondering if the cause is DID.

  • Divorcing? How Family Therapy Can Help

    A divorce doesn't just affect you and your ex; the divorce affects your whole family as well. Think about it — when you get a divorce, one parent typically moves out or both parents vacate the family home, leaving children feeling lost as they learn to live with one of their parents, and possibly in a new area at the same time. Divorce is a huge transition for anyone to take on, and it's something no one is quite prepared for.

  • Effective Tips For Helping You To Manage Work-Related Stress

    It is a fact of life that many people will occupy extremely stressful jobs. While these jobs can be personally or financially rewarding, the stress that comes with them can have very detrimental effects on your life. For individuals that are struggling with managing this source of stress, there are some basic guidelines that may prove to be useful. Include Time To Unwind At The End Or Start Of Every Day

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    Understanding The Counseling Process

    When I first started understanding my anxiety, I realized that I wasn't capable of taking care of the issue on my own. Instead of trying to quietly navigate my condition, I decided to start working towards understanding the counseling process. I focused on finding the right counselor, and then I worked hard in therapy day in and day out. This blog is all about understanding how counseling can help, because I know how much it helped me. You never know, by talking with the right person and tackling your issues head-on, you might be able to enjoy a more fulfilling life.